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Tractor Tug © 2017 J. Jeffrey Minzey


About the Artist
J. Jeffrey Minzey is a New Orleans based artist and photographer. He began creating art and taking photographs at an early age. His mother, who ran her own photography business, both inspired and encouraged Jeffrey to pursue his art. While in high school Jeffrey attended a trade school where he trained to be a commercial and graphic artist. After graduating with a degree in that field, Jeffrey went on to work as a graphic artist for the better part of a decade. He then transitioned to the performing arts. He toured the United States performing several successful shows that he co-produced with his performing partner. During his sixteen years on stage, Jeffrey kept his hand in commercial art, producing all of his company’s promotional material and print ads. During that period he published an article in Faerie Magazine which also featured his photography. In recent years Jeffrey has returned his focus to photography, producing artwork, and writing. Jeffrey currently lives in New Orleans with his wife Nicki.