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These images represent discernable objects, unlike their counterparts in the subjective gallery. Here the foundation of the images is questionable. Did they originate from photographs, or from my imagination? Whatever you decide, neither answer is true for all the images in this gallery.


Tractor Tug   June Sunset   Barges at Sunset  
Tractor Tug   A June Sunset   Evening on the Mississippi   Chains of Heaven
Bird   Black Bird   May Evening on the Bay   bamboo Forest
Bird Silhouette   Black Bird Circling   May Evening on the Bay   Bamboo Forest
Bark Bayou   Fishing Trip   Egyptian Night   Rainbow Rising
Dark Bayou   Homeward Bound   Egyptian Night   Rainbow Rising
Front Yard   Vulcano Explosion   Levee Jogger   The Lowerline
Front Yard   Pleasant Morning   Levee Jogger   "The Lowerline"